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WEDO Location. Logistics. Operational Excellence. 

Your business will thrive in Watertown because of its geographic location, logistics, and operational excellence. Watertown has endless possibilities right at your fingertips!

Geographic Location 

Watertown MapNestled on the banks of the Rock River in southeastern Wisconsin, Watertown is strategically located between the state’s two largest cities—Madison and Milwaukee. Five minutes from Interstate 94, which quickly connects businesses to Madison (45 miles west) and Milwaukee (45 miles east). Your business is able to draw from large city amenities while enjoying much lower operational costs in Watertown. The geographic location of Watertown is an important asset to companies that need access to an abundant, productive workforce, easy access to vendors, and a large customer base.


Transportation has never been so easy. Companies successfully utilize nearby highways, railroads, airports, trucking services and waterway to transport products, obtain raw materials, and connect with national and international markets. Beyond its immediate neighbors, Watertown’s logistics connect you to a population of 64,530,334 within 500 miles or one-days travel (source: Stats America 2012). This includes major markets such as Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Paul/Minneapolis, Dubuque, Quad Cities, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Cincinnati.

Operational Excellence 

In addition to the strategic location, logistics, and its superior workforce Watertown offers businesses low operational costs:

  • The mean hourly wage is $17.94. This is better than the WI average ($19.92), U.S. average ($21.74), Milwaukee MSA* average ($21.76), and Madison MSA* average ($22.22). (Source: BLS 2012)
  • A lower cost of living than the U.S., Madison and Milwaukee.
  • Lower housing costs than the U.S., Wisconsin, Madison and Milwaukee.


MetalTek-IMG_1606_inspectSIZEDThe population of the Watertown area has grown 13.4% since 2000 and is continuing to grown. Watertown also connects you to a labor force of 1,915,253 within 50 miles. Many companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, are drawn to the productivity and work ethic of southeastern Wisconsin’s workforce. Case and point, Watertown has a high school graduation rate of 82.08%, which is better than the U.S. average of 80.82%. Additionally, Watertown also has a 2-year college graduation rate of 8.38%, which is also better than the U.S. average of 6.48%. The area also has excellent colleges and universities, offering a wide variety of 2-year and 4-year degrees as well as continuing education opportunities.

Watertown Area Manufacturing Alliance

Provides a forum for Watertown Manufacturing Companies to share information, provide connections to resources, promote the advancement of manufacturing in the region, and raise the stature of manufacturing as a prosperous career and enduring, sustainable industry.

For more information on how Watertown connects your business to the resources it needs to succeed, please contact us at the Watertown Economic Development Organization.

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